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Hinge ASP Steel Bow Ultra Cuffs

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The most important developments in restraint design in over a century can be found in ASP's unique Ultra Cuffs. The design, testing, revision, retest, and refinement of these handcuffs took place in the field, with feedback from tactical instructors and officers worldwide.

The end product is a restraint system that is unlike any other handcuff in terms of construction, materials, and feature set. Ultra Cuff frames are lightweight, extremely strong, and rigid due to their forged aluminum frame made of 7075 T6 ordnance-grade aluminum.

Forging also removes sharp or uneven edges. Conical, flat contact bow: A flat contact area increases application speed and accuracy, and the geometry of the bow fits a larger variety of wrist sizes.

In order to minimize harm, bows are also very radiused. To further reduce the weight, Ultra Cuffs are offered with steel or aluminum bows. Both the primary lock and the double lock on Ultra Cuffs are released by turning the key in a single direction.

The cuffs have keyways and double lock slots on both sides of each frame. Colored indicators in double lock slots enable quick lock status recognition. These characteristics work together to speed up and simplify the process of applying, adjusting, double-locking, and removing handcuffs.

Lock assemblies are unitized and interchangeable, making them interchangeable sets of locks. This offers the unique ability to modify Lock Sets to accommodate varying agency preferences or to transition to a high-security configuration, as well as enabling field servicing when necessary. * The Lock Sets are also extremely resistant to shimming because of their design and positioning within the forged frame. .

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Hinge ASP Steel Bow Ultra Cuffs
Hinge ASP Steel Bow Ultra Cuffs
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