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Polymer Modular Attachment for Gun Holsters MOLLE Adapter

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PA66 Molle Attachment, crafted for those who demand reliability in any situation. Engineered from durable Nylon PA66 material, this attachment boasts resilience against both low and high temperatures, ensuring durability through the toughest conditions.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with a range of holsters, mag pouches, and attachments featuring gearwheel systems, our Molle Attachment offers universal compatibility. Whether you prefer Blackhawk, Safariland ALS, Taser X7, or X26P, this attachment is tailored to fit, providing a secure connection for your gear.

Its adaptable design makes it the perfect companion for Molle belts and vests, offering a snug fit that enhances accessibility without sacrificing security. With a capacity to accommodate belts and vests up to 3 inches wide, it ensures a comfortable and stable carrying experience.

Equipped with everything you need for hassle-free installation, each package includes one Molle Attachment, two screws, and one nut. Simply attach it to any Gun & Flower gearwheel holster, mag pouch, or attachment, and enjoy enhanced functionality and convenience.

Invest in versatility, reliability, and ease with our Nylon PA66 Molle Attachment, your trusted companion for every mission.

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Polymer Modular Attachment for Gun Holsters
Polymer Modular Attachment for Gun Holsters MOLLE Adapter
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