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Smith & Wesson Hinged Handcuff

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Standard chain handcuffs are less restrictive than Smith and Wesson's model 300 hinged police handcuffs. Nickel-plated carbon steel is used to make Smith & Wesson hinged handcuffs. The handcuffs' dull or hazy appearance reduces glare in tactical situations where cover is necessary, and the satin nickel plating offers corrosion resistance.

The hinged design securely limits movement, giving cops increased security. The slot lock double locking mechanism is employed by Smith & Wesson's model 300, a double locking handcuff. To double lock these handcuffs, just place the back of your key into the slot and pull toward the keyhole.

Additionally, they can be double locked from either side. Along with instructions, a lifetime warranty, and two Smith & Wesson handcuff keys, these are sold. 2.03" is the wrist opening. There are 22 locking positions.

Inside the first notch: 8 points and ten inches. Five points eighty is the final notch inside the perimeter. 1 point 80" is the narrowest interior width.

Two point zero inches separates each cuff. Maximum length in all directions: 8 points 13".

Eleven ounces in weight. Part Number for Smith & Wesson: 350096.

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Smith & Wesson Hinged Handcuff
Smith & Wesson Hinged Handcuff
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