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TRK Tactical Radio Klip

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The Tactical Radio Klip is a universal portable radio holder. Unlike the bulky radio holster that has been in use to carry the portable radio for decades, the Tactical Radio Klip takes far less space on the utility belt and can be used on any belt up to 2.25" in width.

The Tactial Radio Klip / Universal Radio Holder very simply, slips over the users belt and is secured in place with a locking clip mechanism.  The adjustment bar, which is included with each Tactical Radio Klip, is used to adjust the Tactical Radio Klip so that it will fit a first responders utility belt, a fire fighters duty belt, the detectives belt or any belt needing to hold a portable radio. 

The Tactical Radio Klip works by utilizing the loop on the front of the Tactical Radio Klip. The clip that is located on the back of the portable radio slides into the loop and is secured in place, with the shock cord that goes over the top of the radio and rests on the channel changer or volume control knob. 

Unlike the traditional leather radio holster, the Tactical Radio Klip is much smaller and made of a durable ABS plastic.  The Tactical Radio Klip is a fraction of the weight and size of the traditional portable radio holster. The first responders utility belt is often times loaded down with tactical gear and is very heavy. Not only does the Tactical Radio Klip free up space on the utility belt, it is much lighter taking more of the weight off the first responders belt.  The traditional portable radio holster  and "D-ring" also, often times, requires the user to turn the radio completely upside down in order disengage the "D-ring" mecanism to remove the portable radio from the belt. In order to remove the portable radio from the Tactical Radio Klip, the user simply removes the shock cord from the top of the radio and removes the portable radio naturally upward to access the keypad and speaker.

Whether you are a police patrol officer, detective, security guard, emergency medical tech., corrections officer, border patrol agent, or loss prevention; If you use a portable radio the Tactical Radio Klip will make your life easier and safer.  So many portable radio users put their radio in their pocket, carry their radio in their hand or simply forget their radio on the dash or in a chair because they didn't have it secured. The only way a portable radio is effective is if it is available to use.  The Tactical Radio Klip Universal Radio Holder will keep your radio where you need it when you need it. 

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TRK Tactical Radio Klip
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